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2nd Commando Regiment

30 AUGUST 2012

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Lance Corporal McDonald was serving with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when he was tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August 2012.

Thirty-year old Lance Corporal McDonald was born in Carnarvon, Western Australia in 1982. He joined the Army on 31 May 1999 and was posted to the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR). On completion of his Selection and Training Course and Reinforcement Cycle, Lance Corporal McDonald was posted to the then 4th Battalion (Commando), The Royal Australian Regiment, now the 2nd Commando Regiment, in August 2008. Lance Corporal McDonald was on his sixth tour to Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal McDonald was quick witted and brought a positive energy to both his unit comrades and all those who served with him. A dedicated and enthusiastic professional soldier, he was always willing to come forward with ideas and solutions. He was a highly professional soldier, but his quiet nature and humility meant he always deflected credit back on to fellow members of his Company.

Lance Corporal McDonald has been awarded the following honours and awards:

Australian Active Service Medal with Clasp East Timor and ICAT

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

the Australian Service Medal with Clasp East Timor, Timor Leste and CT/SR

Australian Defence Medal

United Nations Mission in Support of East Timor Medal

Timor Leste Solidarity Medal

NATO non article 5 Medal with Clasp ISAF and Multiple Tour Indicator (2)

Commander 1st Division Commendation

Infantry Combat Badge

Returned from Active Service Badge

During Lance Corporal McDonald’s service in the Australian Army, he deployed on the following Operations;

Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) Jul - Aug 2012

Operation Norwich (Australia) Nov 2011

Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) Jul - Aug 2011

Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) Apr - May 2011

Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) Feb - Mar 2011

Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) Mar - Jun 2010

Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) Mar - Jul 2009

Operation Astute (Timor-Leste) Mar - Jun 2007

Operation Astute (Timor-Leste) May - Sep 2006

Operation Citadel (East Timor) May - Oct 2003

Operation Tanager (East Timor) Oct 2000 - Apr 2001

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