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2 Commando Company

3rd June 2022

Peter completed full-time National Service in the late 1950s and was posted to 10 Med Regt RAA. He transferred into 2 Cdo Coy in September 1958, serving until he discharged in June 1960.

Peter was a well-known Radio/TV announcer and co-founder of the “Clemenger group”. He was a board member of the Stockman’s Hall of Fame at Longreach, chairman of Clemenger Harvie Pty Ltd and a Trustee of the Commando Welfare Trust.

Mark Coad, a long-time friend and colleague and CEO of Medibrands, said of Peter, “The advertising and media industry marks the passing of man who gave back more than most people will ever realise. Peter Harvie’s legacy lives on, but the world has lost a great human”.

“Our industry has lost a legend with the passing of Peter Harvie . . And that is a word often used very loosely. In this instance, it could not be more appropriate. There is only one person who would ever disagree with that – and that is ‘Harv’ himself. Peter was never one for limelight, accolades, praise, or fuss. Whatever came his way he’d simply shrug it off and promptly change the topic.

A long relationship started with Peter from then – built on trust, honesty, directness and loyalty. I’ve never worked with anybody so generous with his time, always willing to share his advice and his extensive knowledge. For nearly 20 years I was the beneficiary, countless times.

I loved the time we worked together. I also know that others who went on to lead the Clemenger Harvie business – now called CHEP – feel the same. Chris Howatson and Andrew Drougas have shared very similar experiences. Harv was tireless and relentless. He cared deeply about the people he worked with, and they cared deeply for him. He brought energy to the place, along with a giggle.

We all loved his references to his early days in the military. A pitch loss was ‘target practice’ and a new business prospect was a chance to ‘mount an attack’. Harv would cook up a plan to ‘form a flying wedge’. I would be tasked with taking the ‘offensive up to them from the right flank’, he’d be focussed on covering off a Board member or two whilst the creative team would ‘storm the beach’. And he loved it. He loved the challenge and he loved the competitiveness.

I eventually headed off to new challenges, but we kept in constant contact. We maintained a working relationship as Trustees on the Commando Welfare Trust. This is a charity that Peter helped establish that cares for the families of injured and killed soldiers of Australia’s elite and Special Forces. We worked on that for several years, most recently aligning our Trust with the AFL Anzac Day match in April just gone. One of the many, many things Peter has done over the years to give back”.

A long-time director of Southern Cross Austereo, Peter was inducted into the Commercial Radio Hall of Fame at the 26th annual Australian Commercial Radio Awards in 2014.

A Brighton Grammar School spokesman said, “Peter was a passionate Old Boy of Brighton Grammar School 1957, and a member of the school’s Hall of Fame. He was a giant in the advertising and radio industries, and he will be greatly missed”.

Peter Harvie was a strong supporter of the Australian Commando Association for many years. He leaves behind wife Wendy and children James, Emma and Sarah.


3rd June 2022

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