28 Feb 2022

In 1986 the WW2 Commando Association (Victoria) resolved to enter into a formal affiliation with 2 Commando Association. Each was to continue with the conduct of its own affairs without influencing the other. By formally continuing the excellent relations with the Association, the World War 2 commandos would also strengthen their links with the Company.

At the 1987 Annual Dinner a memorandum of affiliation, prepared by Peter Tierney, was signed between the Commando Association (Victoria) and 2 Commando Association.

2 Commando Association also has formal affiliations, or strong informal links, with the AATTV, BAFA, 1 Commando Association, M and Z Commando Associations, Royal Marines Association, 2/4 Commando Association, SAS Association, Z Special Force Association and the Rhodesian Veterans Association, and through the Company, 45 Royal Marine Commando.

The World War II Commando Association (Victoria)

The World War II Victorian Commando Association disbanded in March 2010.

At the WW2 Commando Association AGM, 17 March 2010, the motion reference Rule 35 (c), “Disbanding of Association’ was passed.

All WW2 Commando Association (Victoria) financial members were automatically transferred to membership of 1st Cdo Regt Assoc.

Reference, Double Diamond No 230, June 2010. (The final issue.)

  • Historic photo: the handover meeting in June 2010. From left, Glenn MacDonald, Lindsay Lorrain, Dick Pelling, Peter Beasley, 1st Cdo Regt Assoc; Ron Hamilton and Keith Johnston, Commando Association (Victoria).

Back cover photo in Çommando’, Vol 10 No 77, September 2010.