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Australian Commando Association Victoria Inc.



Following the formation of the Australian Commando Association as a national body in December 2011 representing all state and territory branches, a special general meeting of the 1st Commando Regiment Association Victoria was held at the Box Hill RSL on Saturday 3 December 2011. Thirty Members attended and twenty members sent apologies.

President Richard Pelling outlined the key advantages of adopting the ACA name for our Association: it gives a true national coverage for all Commandos and Special Forces; removes the “single unit” focus of the Association with wider membership coverage; will not be affected by any re-naming of Army units in the future; gives greater influence, with a national body to represent us to Government, and maintains an historical link with the WW2 Associations.

Following questions Association Public Officer, Peter Lynch, provided details of the proposed changes to the Association constitution that would be required as a result of adopting the proposed name change, and answered questions from the floor.

Motion One, “That all members consider and adopt your Committee’s resolution to change the name of the Association from “1st Commando Regiment Association – Victoria Inc” to “Australian Commando Association Victoria Inc”.

“That if resolution 1 is adopted, the relevant changes to the Association’s constitution be made as detailed in the SGM invitation in October 2011 and discussed at this meeting.”

Proposed: Peter Lynch; seconded: Stan Polan.

The motion was put to the vote.

With a 75% majority required to carry a special resolution the voting outcome was: all members in attendance voted for the motion; 101 proxy votes were received for the motion.

No members in attendance voted against the motion; one proxy vote was received against the motion.

The motion was carried (99.2%)

The President thanked those in attendance and acknowledged those members who made the effort to send their proxy votes.

The Australian Commando Association - Victoria represents eligible members who reside in Victoria or who choose to belong to the Victorian Branch.

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