Special Independent Company

Special Independent Company

Special Duties Unit

Special Independent Company

3 Aust Corps Guerrilla Warfare

This unit its genesis as Spec Duties Unit which was formed at Broome (WA) immediately after the Japanese air raid on 3 March 1942 where many flying boats were destroyed and an immediate invasion was feared. The unit was formed to destroy the pearling lugger fleet and to demolish the airfield and facilities. By July 1942, Spec Indep Coy had been formed in Perth and sections established at Halls Creek, Roy Hill, Glen Florrie, Meekatharra, Mooloo and Yaringa with the brief to patrol their areas for signs of Japanese landing parties and to prepare for guerrilla warfare.

Data on their movements is sketchy with the Gp HQ being variously at Broome, Carnarvon, Geraldton, MT Lawley, Chidlows and Point Walter. The title 3 Corps Guerrilla Warfare Gp seems to have been in common usage by October 1942.

Several long-range patrols were undertaken, one of about 500 km through the Kimberley Region in 1942 and one to Munja Station in 1943. In September 1943 they were warned for disbanding and left for Canungra (QId) in September. Here many men transferred to 43 Water Tpt Op Coy (Landing Craft) which was being formed in November 1943.

Source: The Unit Guide, the Australian Army 1939 - 1945 Volume 2, page 2.499

Resources: Fighting the Kimberley: The 3rd Australian Corps Kimberley Guerrilla Warfare Group 1942-1943  by P J Bridge